Surviving the Apocalypse

One of our good friends and member of the Soundcity family made a comment during the last two years that went something like this…

“When all this is over, we will all be sitting in a room somewhere staring at each other and saying, what the hell just happened?”

So now we reach whatever stage of “over” we are actually at, we can ponder our own actions/reactions and of those around us. Hopefully that means we can move forward in a way that involves a higher degree of understanding and tolerance.

Operating a business like ours in a smaller community requires the support of so many people. This is not a thing we have ever taken for granted or lightly – we simply could not function without it.

So once again we raise a shitty beer and cheers the Soundcity family – Thank you for being so fucken awesome and hanging on in this crazy fun ride. Also, to all the amazing artists that bring their talents into our little space AND of course all of you that have shared in some of the many special moments we have enjoyed so much.

Thanks for “getting it”