Oils ain’t just oils

Was lucky enough to get to see Midnight Oil at The Village Green in Adelaide the other week. As I’d never caught one of their gigs back in the day I went with great expectations and yet none at the same time. The great expectations had been planted by several mates who had seen this iconic Aussie band in the “pre political career” period let’s say. The lack of expectation coming from the absolute assumption that they would be everything I was hoping for.
Let’s just say I was not disappointed.
The professionalism and detail that this bunch of super talented musicians brought was just something to behold. The complexity and uniqueness of their songs was equally as impressive and possibly even more appreciated than back in the speakers of my HJ Kingswood. On all levels this was an awesome concert. The quality of production was also outstanding, which is sometimes an issue in this age of digital consoles.
Peter Garrett was as big a character as I had been told. His infectious moves and faultless vocal was nothing short of amazing for a man who has endured so many decades entertaining Australia in one way or another.
Was it believable? There was certainly the passion but was there the power?
It may be just my perception that made me wonder a little, as he spoke on issues obviously close to him and indeed the band. I was just left wondering a little what toll those years in the snake pit had taken. I truly admire his ambition to make changes via a political system which has no place for integrity and honesty. The power of music should never be under estimated and you could be forgiven for thinking what meaningful difference this band could have made through song. The battle scars from aligning with a political party of any colour are enduring and obvious. A microphone offers an amount of power that needs to be balanced with truth and not narcissism. That becomes a choice not a given.
Welcome back Midnight Oil. We missed you. In the words of their amazing Aussie support band Spiderbait…. “you’re fucken awesome”