It’s not about the money… money… money…

1965 Goldentone

Australia is without a doubt a sport loving society.
There is little debate on how passionate a large part of the population is about watching, attending or  participating in their favourite code. Sport at all levels manages to attract sponsorship and media attention.
I was commenting recently how news segments and even entire media channels are dedicated to bringing us the latest events. There also seems to be an effort to make sport more inclusive, with the promotion of gender equality in sports traditionally dominated by males or females.

Should we compare that to music and the arts?

That would be an exercise in futality so let’s not even go there despite the comparisons being very interesting. Let’s just talk about music instead.

According to the findings of just the Adelaide Live Music Census in 2016 there was a 14% increase in live music gigs and a 32% increase in venues offering live music. Further it was noted by the Arts Minister in South Australia that in 2014, the live music scene contributed $263.7 million to the state economy and $15.7 billion nationally plus 65,000 full time jobs.

Of course all this talk of money is not really the point is it?

At Soundcity we truly believe the benefits of music are far greater than any financial gain or media notoriety.  So many people come into the shop just for a chat and say they don’t play any instrument at all. Music crosses boundaries and is inclusive. It brings pleasure to people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Music can make you feel happy when you’re sad and make you cry when you least expect. It can be sexy, dirty, political, controversial or just fun. Who doesn’t have a song that doesn’t remind them of a significant moment in their life?

Music – Get involved